Le coste del Salento

Tricase Harbour, a small jewel of the Salento coast. Its harbour is set as an amphitheatre, facing a beautiful crystal sea, set between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca coast.
Safe shelter for the fishermen's boats during the winter and summer destination for local tourism. Tricase Harbour welcomes in its simplicity: fairs, concerts and festivals during the warmer months, and peace and quiet in autumn. Even during the winter, visit Tricase and its city, it is a unique experience. Simple gestures of everyday life are mixed joyfully with religious processions, village feasts up with the suggestive Living Nativity scene at Christmas time.

Tricase Porto - Salento

In this magical land, at the extremity of Italy, where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet, nothing is taken for granted, where everything is waiting to be discovered: the food, the wine, ancient rituals and old courtship dances like "Pizzica”. These are just some gifts that the Salento land, generously has to offer to its visitors.

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